I'm in the middle of a kitchen refurb and I'm replacing the old, worn out 3/8" self-closing inset hinges with new ones. Naturally the new one's holes don't match up with their 50 year old fore-bears so I had to fill all of the holes. Attaching the hinges to the doors was pretty straightforward (thanks to a vix bit), but I cannot figure out how to get the doors to stay put while I flex the spring loaded hinge to get it to sit properly on the face frame. All I've accomplished so far is scraping the new paint off with the hinge and having the doors hang too far towards the center of the cabinet. before drilling any more holes in the wrong place I figured I'd ask if there is a jig or a technique to hang these accurately. My second attempt is going to involve buying a new hinge of the same type but with out the self-closing feature and, assuming the holes are identical, use that one to locate the holes on the face frame.

Any thoughts? Thanks.