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    Default 1948 Bungalow bathroom leak

    I just realized there is a leak coming from my main floor bathroom and dripping into the basement. Opened access panel and cannot see where it is coming from (ruled out shower) however it appears to be coming from the sink drain although we cannot see where the drain in going. Must be somewhere under the floor although there is no visible drain pipe in the basement. Where does the drain pipe from the bathroom sink go? is it possible it runs under my nice tile floor??? No connection to anything can be seen.

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    Default Re: 1948 Bungalow bathroom leak

    Your kitchen drain goes to the main, I can't determine its routing sitting in front of my computer. A few things about drain leaks: they don't fix themselves, they only get worse and cause tremendous damage. Not to mention the stench.

    Fixing a drain requires cutting walls and ceilings. There is little or nothing you can do about it.

    To make things worse, most plumbers will cut walls and whatever else, but won't finish them, so you will need to get a drywall man to do that. Unless of course you can do it all.

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