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    Default Wood Floor/Sub floor hole

    I recently did a remodel of a duplex into a single family home. This remodel included moving duct work and also relaying hardwood floors. The company we used to lay the hardwood did a very poor job filling in the old vent holes in the subfloor. The wood flooring is very thin and now it is bending when stepped on in certain areas, due to the fact that there is no actual subfloor underneath. I have patched subfloor from below before but the problem is some of these areas are no longer accessible from the basement. Is there any way to bolster the floor or fix this from the top down without having to rip up the floors and patch it. All attempts to get this remedied by the company have been fruitless, Im considering it a lost cause.

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    Default Re: Wood Floor/Sub floor hole

    perhaps cut small pieces of wood or rubber and put them under the problem spots.

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    Default Re: Wood Floor/Sub floor hole

    You need to repair the subfloor in such a way that the repair is flash with the rest of the subfloor. Since the subfloor is resting on joists, you need to make sure that there is a blocking under the repair. All other "repairs" are not really repairs.

    Now the question "how to gain access" ?

    You either gain access from the top or from the bottom, but you said that you can't do it from the top or the bottom.

    I will try from the bottom (the basement ceiling).

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    Default Re: Wood Floor/Sub floor hole

    Kind of a far out answer, but it may be possible to reinforce this area with expanding foam insulation. If you can get at it from below and put some foam in the area, it may give you some support.

    However, if the area underneath the subfloor is open, the foam will expand laterally and not provide any support.

    Like I said, kind of a way out there answer, but somebody said that there are no bad ideas.
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