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    Default Dutch Lap Siding - mitered corners?

    Hi - this is Lindy (new to the forum). I'm a residential builder in Michigan. I work primarily in a historical assembly -either renovating 100 year old cottages or building new ones that look old.

    I have a request that is bothering me - I have been asked to miter the corners of dutch lap siding. Based on all of the houses/cottages that I've seen - a corner trim is the norm. So, I have two questions:

    1) What is the correct/historical outside/inside corner when using dutch lap siding?

    2) If it is a correct application to miter the corners, what material would you recommend? I would really need something stable to withstand the elements of Lake Michigan weather.

    Thanks so much and I look forward to all of your input!!!

    Lindy Olechnowicz
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    Default Re: Dutch Lap Siding - mitered corners?

    From my experience any dutch lap I have seen always uses corner boards and from a carpenters point of view it is common sense. I can not imagine any material that would not separate with a miter on a exterior dutch lap. I have never seen a cope on a dutch lap either. I guess it may be possible to glue a composite miter for a corner. Good luck and please post back with your progress and if you can post a picture of the finished project.
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    Default Re: Dutch Lap Siding - mitered corners?

    Corner boards are the norm. Mitered corners would have a tendency to open and allow water to enter and cause damage.

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    Default Re: Dutch Lap Siding - mitered corners?

    if you do opt to mitre the corners i would be running a heavy bead of poly butyl caulking in them to both seal and act as glue before installing the 2nd peice.

    poly butyl is your standard window/door and siding caulking thats paintable. mulco's flex 9000 or flextra. or quad are such products
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    Default Re: Dutch Lap Siding - mitered corners?

    Another thread, same subject.

    advice on siding
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