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    Default pooling of water

    when it rains the water pools in front of my garage and water seeps through the bottom into the garage from all walls. I would
    like to know what would work best to prevent or divert the water
    so that it can drain somewhere else and to prevent the water from seeping through into the garage.

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    Default Re: pooling of water

    Could you provide more information as to what the ground looks like immediately around the exterior apron/perimeter of the garage walls-------does the ground slope toward or away from the garage walls, and if it slopes TOWARD the garage, is there enough room so that you can pitch the ground AWAY from the garage walls, or install drain tiles, or install a concrete apron that slopes away from the walls, so that the water can drain AWAY from the garage walls.

    You may have to use a one-foot or 3-foot tool called a spirit level to measure the PITCH of the ground immediately around the base of the garage, so that you can plan to have the ground pitch away from the garage walls & foundation.

    Do you have roof gutters, downspouts, and diagonal downspouts that can divert most of the rain water away from the garage foundation; is there a lower cellar floor inside the garage that is getting the water, or just the garage floor itself and/or the driveway.

    Does the base of the garage and driveway sit HIGHER or LOWER than the street, and does your local ordinances allow you to discharge rain runoff directly into the street.
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    Default Re: pooling of water

    You should re-grade the area around the garage first, even if it involves moving concrete and asphalt out. Water needs a way to drain away from the structure, it's that simple.

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