I am going to be putting in a water feature in the spring and was wondering if this would work.

I am going to be digging a 10 ft round by 5 ft deep pond on the top of a hill that will have a waterfall on one side that will run down a slope 30 feet long into a second 6ft by 4ft pond. Where the water will be pumped back up the hill to a fountain in the middle of first pond.

My question is on waterproofing both ponds and the stream so they don't leach into the ground, causing them to go dry.

Has anyone ever used (or thought of using) spray-in rubber bedliner?

If it will work then I could build the ponds and stream how I want them shaped without having to use preformed liners. I could just dig it out spray the bedliner on the ground in multiple coats and fill with water and go.

Whats everybody think?