I would like to remove a leaking indirect hot water heater from our oil fired boiler to make way for an electric tankless. We no longer use the oil fired heating system in our 1840 house for anything except hot water, it used to create steam for the steam radiators but last year we put in a wood stove and that now heats our entire house - that and a few electric base boards ...

The indirect water heater leaks and will probably die altogether and an electric tankless makes the most sense for us. There are four lines in and out of the indirect hot water tank. Two in and out for the water lines for the hot and cold to the house and two in and out of the furnace. I have done some looking around ****** and I'm not sure if we can just cut it out and cap the lines to the furnace. Something to do with pressure???

We are hoping to do this ourselves. Installing a tankless is a simple job, my husband is an electrician and I've done a few pluming jobs myself. It is messing with the boiler that I am more nervous about.

We would like to leave the boiler intact and working/producing steam should we want to use the steam or one day convert to hot water. And I just had the dang thing cleaned and we still have a half tank left of oil!