Every Fall and Winter, when our house is closed up and the temperature drops, we get about an inch of window condensation on the bottom of each our of windows (with exception of the basement windows). That rim of condensation (a smaller 1/4" version) will also creep up the sides of our windows approximately 12-24" from the window base.

We've been in the house approximately 5 years (the house is 35 years old) and this has been a problem ever since we've been in here. We are now starting to see some damage in that the window trim is being stained with black mildew, window trim is also showing water damage and in some places peeling off. We are also seeing mold growth. The humidity in the house seems in the normal range for the cold months (between 35%-45%). We keep the indoor temperature between 68-70 degrees.

We've tried everything - clear plastic window treatments on the inside and outside of the windows during the Fall/Winter months, leaving our window blinds open 6" at night, the house fan running, the dehumidifier running, the bathroom fan running, etc. You name it - it seems like we've tried it. Our only sources of moisture is the shower (we have a fan vented to the outside and we run it for a good 45 minutes even after a shower is complete) and our dishwasher in the kitchen. We don't know what to do - these windows are driving us crazy! Please help us!!

I have pictures...but I can't seem to get them to post