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    Default Re: bleeding a radiator (gas boiler heater)


    Ok, 10 psi on the boiler gauge is a little low----especially if you want to get the water all the way up to the 2nd floor; there is usually a horizontal copper pipe right next to & slightly above the boiler about 2 metres from the floor with a regular on/off faucet valve (much like the outside faucet on the garden faucet).

    You should be able to trace this 1/2 copper tube as it goes thru a pressure reducing valve & then enters the boiler somewhere near the front top; turn the handle on the faucet-type valve counter clockwise to let additional water into the boiler/piping system, which will raise the height (altitude) of the water in the system, so that it fills the non-heating rad on the 2nd floor.

    The site below has a diagram of the "cold water supply" handle going into the boiler.

    Post back if you don't hear any water entering the boiler, or the needle on the gauge doesn't go to at least 12 psi.

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