So, I have this crazy problem and NO one can seem to figure it out. I live in a house built in the 1930's. In the basement is a floor drain. Beginning a couple of weeks ago, after a heavy rain, i noticed that water was coming up out of the drain and flooding my basement. This has now happened a couple of times and not only does the water come up the drain during the heavy rain, but continues coming out even 24 hours after the rain has stopped. I have installed a utility pump over the drain and it pumps thousands of gallons of water out after it rains. I have no idea where the drain goes. I know that it doesn't go to my cesspool because that is actually up hill of the drain and the water coming out is clean with no smell or color.

A couple of comments. First, my property is slightly slanted and the house is actually at the top of the slant and the rest of the property runs down hill, so i have good drainage. Next, there's no construction in my neighborhood nor have I done anything.

All of the down spouts had been buried in the ground and i have taken those out and re-distributed the water,

I know that i can put in a sump pump, but i want to know WHY this is happening in the first place. I actually had a contractor say that maybe I have a natural spring under my house. I've been here for 15 years, why would this happen now? I guess I can make some money bottling the water from the "natural spring"