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    Default Re: Tub Faucet stuck

    You know, plumbing stuff don't last forever, but some parts carry long or life warranties. If you get a new faucet, get a Delta/Peerless or Moen.

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    Default Re: Tub Faucet stuck

    Yes I agree with Delta/Moen/Peerless are the best faucets and taps, all of mine are either Delta or Moen.
    However I bought them at a Liquidation Warehouse similar to like a Big Lots, but they would buy up stores going out of business merchandise for pennies on the dollar and re-sell it to consumers at less than 1/4 the original price. A lot of manufacturers don't honour warranties when they are bought at a resellers. But as I wanted brass fixtures it was the only place I could find them (everyone else into brushed nickel or bronze etc. now) and they had excellent manufactured parts for like $20 or less.
    I have found a couple of places on line that I can replace the faucet with another brass one like you showed.

    I did live in a brand new apartment building before and it had that faucet with the push down tub stopper and many broke within 2 years and were replace with traditional ones.

    They should come with instructions and how to keep the seal working on the tub stopper and how not to break the pull down on the tap!

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