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I don't understand how the strainer can cause the water to drain all over your feet. Do you have a normal drain system under your sink?
Yes I've seen the strainers in TOH and in stores now, and that's the piece that came right off. It also was disconnected from the pipe underneath. I've never seen anything like this happen at all!
Yes I have a normal double sink plumbing job under the sink.

Here's what happened:
I had been soaking some dishes, and when I started rinsing them off and took the plug out while rinsing then everything came apart. The suction from the plug must have pulled on the basket strainer just enough to make it let go. However it also disconnected from the pipe underneath the sink.
I didn't notice for a minute and water draining from the sink/dishwater, missed the outflow pipe as the strainer was no longer attached to either side of the sink or pipe, and run out of the cupboard onto the mat I was standing on.

It's a double regular kitchen sink and it's the main line side that came away from the sink and the pipe underneath as well as the strainer came right out into my hand. I found the washer and put it back under the strainer and hand tightened the nut/screw underneath the sink on the pipe.

Obviously not a perfect job and still leaking a little but now have a bucket under there to catch the leaks.
So before I super tighten everything, get plumber's putty etc. should I bother? or just get a whole new sink or just the strainer?

Hope that made it a bit clearer. Sorry I can't provide pictures my phone takes them dark and the older camera is unreliable.