My neighbors new renters are using the fireplace to burn fake logs almost every evening. The problem is the SMELL!! The smoldering smoke for some reason comes right into my home and yard(I watched the smoke come down instead of going up). So I must keep all my windows closed. However, my one story attic vent is right in the path of the downward smoke, and I still get the 'stinky smell' in my home. What can I do?? I did tell my new neighbors when I was woken up the first night because my home was full of smoke......'stinky smelling'.

Both our houses are one story, and my neighbors house is about 25 feet from my home.

I think the chimney isn't tall enough. What would cause this downdraft of smoke into my yard and home???

I would like to tell them not to use the fireplace, or only burn real wood. Any ideas???