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    Default Connecting cement blocks on patio

    I live in the Midwest. I have a patio made of 6 disconnected cement blocks about 8'x8' each. There are no cracks in the cement. Between the blocks are wood strips. Over the last 30 years the blocks have settled and are now askew. I had them mud-jacked but they are still out of line by about a half inch in every direction. This is a tripping hazard and looks bad.

    I would like to replace the wood strips, but I don't know how to cut them to fill in the spaces so the connections are smooth. Someone suggested filling in the spaces with crushed stone, but I don't know how to keep the stone in place.

    Can anyone suggest a solution? I am willing to hire someone to do this but I don't know what to have done.

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    Default Re: Connecting cement blocks on patio

    Hire a handyman with some ideas that might work for you.

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