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    Default threshold on my new sliding door is 3" higher After New Slider Was Installed

    Our contractor (with some help from my father) just installed a sliding door on the back of our house, through our kitchen to a deck (we have not yet built). He had to install a frame for the door on top of the existing floor because the baseboards and support beams had rotted out underneath. Essentially, there is a 3inch height difference between our kitchen floor and the top of the door sill. We still need to install a floor in our kitchen, which could eventually make the difference less cumbersome, but what can I do about this to help insure that no one falls out onto our deck in the future because they miss the 3inch height difference?! I thought about slanting the new floor through the 20 foot room from the sliding door to the doorway that comes into the kitchen from the living room, but I know that would be pretty drastic and noticeable. Please refrain from telling me how this wasn't the right way to build the door. What's done is done. I need to figure out a way to make due with what I have and come up with a design that works. cat (ps. wish I could post an image but having problems).
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