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    Default Entry Door - What Manufacturer?

    I'm replacing an entry door; current plan is to go fiberglass or wood. It will be installed by a handyman who does good work.

    Seems like quality has gone by the wayside with the current big box store price mentality. I plan to purchase the door from a local lumber/hardware store, not a Lowes or HD.

    What manufacturers build a quality door? Seems like a google search can turn up complaints/problems with most every manufacturer.

    My current thinking is one of the following for fiberglass:

    - Masonite - my wife's choice for a smooth fiberglass finish door @~$550
    - Pella
    - Therma Tru
    - Andersen

    Any consensus on who builds the best quality door, other than Pro Via which is probably out of my price range?

    And who builds quality wood doors?


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    Default Re: Entry Door - What Manufacturer?

    therea are many brands other than what youve listed.. most regions have a few locally made brands along with the big name ones

    anderson's are easily one of the best made entry systems available, along with pella though depending on what line you order.

    in my experience masonites are junk.. mass produced with poor quality control.. dont even get me started on their prehung interior doors.. sloppy assembly. low quality hinges which arent mortised correclty or evenly to the door or jamb

    as for having a handyman install the door.. id be weary of having a handyman do it. if you want a trouble free door install youll want someone who knows how and does install sil pans with peel and stick flashing membrane. also when it comes time to insulate the door frame with spray foam its not just a case of aim and spray.. i dont know how many doors ive had to service that handymen installed and sprayed way too much foam into causing the frame to buckle and the door to stick or not even operate. if you have to go this way. do not have the handyman trim the inside of hte door immediatly.. keep it off for a couple of days so to ensure the door operates smoothly after the spray foam fully cures.. if it doesnt the foam will have to be gouged out with a recip blade and the door frame finetuned before foaming again
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