I hope this is the right area to post this. I'm on a fixed income and the -last- thing I needed right now was to buy a new garage door. But apparently I'm buying a new garage door.

(One of the torsion springs on my perfectly good slab wood door broke the other day (not even the spring---rather, just the collar by which it bolts to the door. I called 10 places and NO ONE in Seattle sells or repairs old springs anymore. ARGHHH! What a scam! OK, cleansing breath. )

Q #1: I got quotes from several companies. One company is by -far- the cheapest, though the actual 16'x7' metal -door- they install seems to be comparable to everyone else. I was told by a neighbor that all single layer doors are pretty much the same. And the reviews of the company's installer seem good. I guess my first question is: is this true? IOW: is there much qualitative difference between brands?

Q #2: Assumging this door is OK, my real question is: my neighbor also suggested that the insulated doors (which are MUCH more expensive) are kind of unnecessary as one can easily insulate a single-layer door oneself for a lot less money. He did and his garage is quite toasty.

I live in Seattle so it's not bone cold... just need a good seal, I guess.

Any thoughts would be most welcome. If I could afford to go without the door I would, but I've no place to keep my car outside so I -need- that door to work.