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    Default Testing knob and tube wiring

    Hello. My wife and I just purchased a home built in 1905. It has an updated 100 amp breaker box. The house has a large addition that has new radiators and wiring. It looks like some of the original house has some of the knob and tube still active.

    How can I test and what type of tester can I use to see what wires and outlets are live?

    Also, the house has several ceiling fans on the upper level we want to replace. How can I tell if this wiring is the knob and tube when I look at the wiring?

    Is it possible to find what breakers the knob and tube is connected to and basically just turn on all the lights, plug lamps into every outlet in the house. Then just shut off breakers and see which go where?

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    Default Re: Testing knob and tube wiring

    There are testers that sense electrical flow that look like green or yellow markers. They beep and flash when pressed aside a 'hot' wire. There are other tools that will do the same thing. They can be found at the big box stores.

    Use Google images to see what knob and tube wiring looks like. Compare that to what you have in your home.

    Lat question, yes, using a radio turned up loud enough to hear when the power is cut.

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