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    Default Using foam boards in basement

    I'm in the process of building a workshop in my basement. I was planning on using Rigid foam boards, glued and taped to the exterior walls. I was going to use spray foam to seal the top and bottom of the boards. The plan is to than put up 2x4 walls in front of the foam, and than drywall.

    A few questions.
    Is it necessary to fill the cavity with fiberglass insulation ?

    I was also going to fit foam along rim joists and wanted to know if those areas should also be covered with drywall.

    Also, do I need to put in fire blocking, and if so, where and how ?

    I could post pictures of the area if that would help.


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    Default Re: Using foam boards in basement

    running rigid foam first is a great way to gain added insulation. if you want to comply with building codes in most regions you will have to insulate the walls with fibreglass also.. code calls for r-20. . this can be achieved a few ways.. frame 2x4 that have foam outside then batts, 2x4 walls that get spray foam, or 2x6 walls with r-20 batts in them
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