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Thread: toilet draining

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    Thumbs down toilet draining

    When unused for an extended period of time(18hrs) my toilet bowl will drain dry leaving the room smelling of sewer. The tank is still full but bowl is bone dry. Upon flushing tank will drain into bowl properly then will refill correctly.I have adjusted water level in tank up and down but this problem still persists.
    what could my problem be?

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    Sounds like a plugged vent. When other fixtures are used and can't pull air in through the vent, the vacuum created by the water flow down the drain will pull the water out of the toilet as well. Go on the roof with a flashlight and look down the vent to see if there is a visible blockage.

    Plumbers can also send a scope down to see what's going on, but that costs a few bucks.

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    Or.........the toilet could have a crack in its trap.

    Is this a new toilet? If so.....was the old one replaced because it did the same thing? If so, then I'd definitely suspect the vent pipe.

    If it's a replacement and the old one didn't do this, then I'd suspect the new toilet of having a crack in the trap.

    If it's an old toilet that recently started doing this........did the toilet freeze with water in the trap?
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    To work on a toilet in this situation you should leave the toilet unused for a few hours. The water will drain very slowly around the clogging material and eventually reach a level where you can attack the problem without immersing yourself up to the elbows in sewage.

    When there appears to be no water in the bowl, the clog has probably formed immediately after flushing and prevented the usual backwash necessary to provide the level of water you’re used to seeing in an unused toilet.

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