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    Default Cement patio is flat, poor drainage

    The dirt around ege is even with patio. Water pools on flat patio. What is the best drainage option for around the edges?
    I saw a 3"x10' black flexible drain pipe with 4 slits spaced all along 10' surface, has circular ribbing and each piece connects. If I dug a slopping ditch to each side of patio and put drain pipe in it would that fix my problem? Would I put black landscape fabric under it or just small rocks? This is a DIY project. Is there a better solution? Cannot replace cement.
    THX Helen

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    Default Re: Cement patio is flat, poor drainage

    To get an effective drainage, your surrounding grade has to be lower than your slab and the water has someplace to go.

    What you are planning on doing will work, as long as you do it with the right slope away from the slab.

    "Is there a better solution?" - the better solution is the one you don't want to do: re-do the slab, with the appropriate slope and re-grading around it.

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