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    Default main drains on outside of house

    I'm closing in a 2nd floor porch to use as a bath/laundry room in a 1792 vintage stone home. The stone walls are 3 ft thick. So, I need to run the drain down the outside of the house in an inconspicuous location.

    The house is in western Pennsylavnia where we often have winter temperatures well below freezing. An architect told me informally that this would not be a problem since the water supply pipes are routed through inside walls. But, I'm still concerned that the drain may freeze. At this point, I can't change the design. But, I could box in the drain and run a heater wire through it.

    Does anyone have any experience with outside drains like this?
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    Default Re: main drains on outside of house

    You can bury pipes 4 to 5 feet deep in the ground to prevent them from freezing. You can use ice guard also which discharge warm water to the ground before frozen section.

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    Default Re: main drains on outside of house

    The water exiting the house will melt any frozen water in a vertical pipe. The horizontal pipes are the ones to worry about. You can always add the heater wire later if you find it does freeze.

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