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    Default Anchor vent on wall tile with too large an opening?

    When tiling my bathroom walls, I made the opening for the a/c vent too large. Now, when I go to install my register cover, I have nothing to anchor or screw into on one side. Additionally, the drywall hole underneath the tile is too large. Any suggestions on how I can fix?

    Assuming I may not be able to find the same tile to match, how can I install this vent cover.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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    Default Re: Anchor vent on wall tile with too large an opening?

    Why are you out of tiles? you are supposed to buy about 10% more tiles than what you need for your job. Next time you tile, buy extra tiles.

    Your register/diffuser is attached to your vent boot/terminal with 1-1/2" long sheet metal screws, not to the drywall or tile.

    The boot has sheet metal lip that surrounds the opening for that purpose and for the purpose of securing it to the framing.

    Worst case scenario (if you have flex vent): pull out the boot and vent (don't disconnect the two), install wood blockings around the opening. Insert the vent and boot back and secure the register to the new blocking.

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    Default Re: Anchor vent on wall tile with too large an opening?

    You may also want to try using a different tile around the vent to create a border that would disguise the larger opening. The tile would need to be complementary to what you already installed.
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