I built this house 27 years ago (actually I was my own General and hired craftsmen to get the place exactly the way I wanted it). The cabinets and doors plus all the trim were finished with Minwax stain and clear, applied by a professional finisher. There's not one piece of painted wood inside this house, it's all stain and has looked lovely until just recently. Lately streaks have been appearing. On one hall door there's a large area that is the color of the unfinished wood. It looks like somebody took steel wool and rubbed the finish off. There are no flakes on the floor so it's not chipping. The finish feels intact on the streaked areas and other than the occasional Pledge dampened dusting towel no chemicals are ever used on the wood. We keep the windows open a lot and use the heat and air sparingly. Humidity is kept within reasonable limits. It it possible that indoor stain in a clean household environment has a life span and goes away by itself? I'd welcome any ideas as to what might be causing this and what I can do without refinishing everything. Minwax hasn't been all that helpful and I'm sure one of my fellow home owners might have the right idea.
Thanks in advance.