My wife and I have recently bought our first house. It is an all Bedford Stone exterior built in the 50s with great wood floors through and built ins and all kinds of gorgeous character. Personally I like stone but I like it when it is split and the top side is wood or siding to break it up. So all Bedford is a bit much to me even though it's a nice exterior. Obviously the biggest advantage of stone is it lasts so long and wears so well. And while I may become more enamored of it it has crossed my mind what it would take to spruce up the outside a bit. I would imagine tearing off any of the stone and replacing it would be such a chore that it simply wouldn't be worth the undertaking. Any suggestions on how to work with the existing product to give it a bit more curb appeal and play down the stone a bit? I've Googled around some with no luck. Probably because once it's stone it's stone. But I'd love to hear if anyone has any ideas.

BTW I am extremely handy so I'm not afraid of getting dirty or handling a project. I've been doing everything inside on my own. I'm a previous contractor and flooring installer. I only say this to give some context that I'm not fresh and can handle some even more advanced ideas. Thanks for your help!