We have a 1960's mobile home used only in the summer and installed a new refrigerator last fall with no problems. Recently opened the trailer up for the spring to find that the lights in the kitchen would go very dim (about 25v) and the tv in another room,different circuit would not stay on when the frig was running. Light in frig also dimmed. Ater a short time,maybe a minute or two, the lights would get bright again.

The cycle repeated itself constantly and checking outlets of other circuits showed about 25 volts when this was occurring.

I unplugged the frig and plugged in an electric space heater to the same outlet with the same results, I would assume eliminating the frig as the culprit. Also used an extension cord
to lug the frig into a different circuit with the same results.

When hooking up the copper water pipes, I had a low voltage shock. Should I contact the power supplier before hiring an electrician. Help!!