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    Default BAD faux finish!

    One of our bedrooms is covered in joint compound that is *supposed* to look like a stucco faux finish. (That's my assumption, anyway!) However, it looks really bad and I'm hoping there might be a way to remedy it, short of scraping it all off. Does anyone know if you can apply joint compound on top of painted joint compound without the top layer peeling back off??

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    Default Re: BAD faux finish!


    If your walls have a relatively low sheen paint on them, you should be able to trowel or spackle on a new coat of drywall compound to mask the original bad job. You cant put the new stuff on too heavy, because it will schrink and form cracks if you do. About an 8th inch is usually safe.

    If the walls have a higher gloss paint on them, I would consider priming them first with a good primer (not drywall primer)to get good adhesion to the old slick paint before starting the spackling.

    Once you are satisfied with the new texture, you can now re-prime and paint the newly textured walls.

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