i finally figured a way to get my pictures attached!
i'm good with my hands & brain, but not techno savvy.

anyhoo. thanks for the advice on using an oil & shellac finish for walnut in my original "staining walnut" thread. the project was actually a gun rack, which i finished with Watco danish oil & amber shellac. i didn't know anything about garnet shellac at that time, & didn't have any, but now i do. the flakes are a beautiful color, and i hope the shellac comes out very close to that color.
i have another project going now that involves walut, & i plan to try the garnet on that (already oiled & waiting to dry).

if you compare the picures, you'll notice that there are two vetical pieces in front of the guns in picture #8. these are removable, and are there to hide the fact that when the guns are level, the gun rests are not (gun rests are all adjustable, with a captive nut in a "t" slot).

hopefully, these pics will pass inspection.

thanks again