I'm a bit disappointed with these 4 choices. None of them speaks of cozy and only one, "D", of "holidays". I have already voted for #4 for that reason.
Now, however, I feel the need to comment on where this magazine seems to be going with content in general. I have been on board almost since it's inception and the content has changed. I don't know how others feel about the content but as a long-time subscriber I am disappointed. It seemed to start out more in-line with the tv show with many articles on doing upgrades and making changes to houses and landscapes. A real "This Old House" magazine. The magazine now seems to be becoming more of a "House Beautiful" decorating booklet. There are plenty of magazines like that already on the market.
I feel I can make these comments because I just reviewed several dozen copies of TOH from the late 90's and early 2000 and there is a BIG difference. A great amount of hands-on content was in those earlier copies. The older content is what I saw and to which I subscribed. If what I have seen during the past 12 months is what I can expect more of in the future then I will likely be dropping my subscription when it comes up for renewal.