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    Default Tying in a switch with an electrical outlet

    I have a porch light on my front porch that doesn't work because some one removed the switch. I don't remember how to tie in the switch to the electrical out let. How is this done? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The outlet thats in there has only a black wire on one side of it and a white wire on the other side. In the box in the wall there are two more black wires and two more white wires. You can contact me at either (715)994-1091.

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    Default Re: Tying in a switch with an electrical outlet

    You'll have to be more specific, what boxes and where?

    Box 1 - is this the switch location?
    Box 2 - is this the outlet location?

    What is in the box at the light location?
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    Default Re: Tying in a switch with an electrical outlet

    The way it works at the switch box: hot (black) comes in and another wire out to the ceiling/fixture box - which could be black or white marked black. This wire will be hot when you turn the switch on.

    When you install a new switch you follow this recommendation, To determine which wires are correct, use a tester when the switch is off and when it's on.

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