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    Default Refinishing old maple floor

    I am in the process of removing old carpeting as well as VERY old linoleum from original tongue & groove birdseye maple flooring. I'm fairly certain, once the final sanding is done, I want to oil the floor as opposed to varnishing/polyurethaning it (for one thing, it's the living room floor & I have a dog and a cat both of whom shed copiously - plus I'll be coving most of the floor with oriental carpets). My question is what would be the best oil to use and how many "coats" of oil would be recommended? Does the oiling have to be repeated every year? Finally - am I really stupid to consider this type of finish?

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    Default Re: Refinishing old maple floor

    An oiled finish provides a more natural look. There are many different oil products on the market, depending on what look you are trying to achieve, it may be best for you to review with a wood floor refinishing company that sells the oil. Also, make sure you review the adhesive for the linoleum for any haz-mat (i.e. asbestos) before removing and sanding.
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