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    Quote Originally Posted by A. Spruce View Post
    I meant to add this part too. That's part of what makes the loads so expensive, you can only use Bostich brand and not generic brands.
    I have a Bostitch and it shoots the Grip-Rite brand from home dopey.

    You can also pick the nail first and match the gun to that.

    For sheathing and roofing,the Stanley/Bostitch Hurriquake nail is superior. Just be sure to get the nail where you want it. It is very difficult to remove.

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    the only issue with a diy'er using a impulse nailer jack is that the fuel cells go stale. they do have a shelf life.. if the gun sits in the garage for 6 months and they go to use it the gun will misfire which makes one think its the gun. 9 x out of 10 its the fuel cell and its dead.

    plenty of contractors run into this issue when they stock up on large amounts of fuel cells so they have em. its part of the reason paslode started selling smaller packs of nails which come with 1 fuel cell
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