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    Default Re: Best Way to Heat a Minnesota Garage

    I would agree with Dobbs, McDaniel & the others on heating suggestions, and would like to hear more from our Canadian friends & those who live on the northern border states of the frozen north.

    Since this is a new garage yet to be constructed I think a distinction has to be made between residential garages constructed mainly to house an automobile, and new construction that will be designed to provide a heated environment.

    In the first case, the vast majority of existing residential garages were constructed without any thought of a heated residence/workshop/mother-in-law apt., etc; so when such a structure is converted in northern climes to such a use, it becomes a nightmare to adequately heat; the "frost line" in these northern areas can go down to 4 or 5 feet in some places, meaning essentially you have a block of ice each winter under a garage that is trying to double as a heated space.

    In the case of a garage yet to be constructed, I would suggest following the techniques used by construction contractors who do slab and monolothic slab construction for homes & multi-use garages where they first lay down 4' x 8' 3" high density styrofoam sheets before the concrete is poured, & also use the same method in perimeter concrete stem walls, as well as often the above grade garage walls.

    In the case of heating existing garage structures, the suggestion of McDaniel in covering the slab & even exterior walls with styrofoam, wood flooring & other materials will also be effective for heating purposes.
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