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    Default Insulating the Gables?

    I have been working in my attic trying to lower my energy bill. This is a house I bought so I'm doing this after the fact. I started by air sealing as much possible, installing airtight recessed cans, Great Stuff foaming the HVL's and properly venting them in the process. I installed a powered gable fan and installed double foil insulation on the roof rafters for ventilation I then started adding a layer of R30 on top of the existing insulation. I just happened to pass by a job site trash pile and picked up some 2x4 sized batts and was wondering if it would be a good idea to insulate the Gables. I live in South Louisiana where the Humidity is always high and the temps during the summer can reach 100 degrees.

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    Default Re: Insulating the Gables?

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    Default Re: Insulating the Gables?


    Unless you are cooling / heating on one side of the insulation it will do no good except to make you feel better. You'll get more benefit by laying atop the other insulation. Can't hurt.

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