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    Default Re: Covered Porch Beams not Resting on *anything*!

    The part you pour down to the frost line and below is the footing. The concrete blocks that you stack up to the porch are the piers. You need to check with your local code enforcement for the minimum dimensions of the footing. If the footing only need to be 6" diameter, then you will need to top it with a pad to support the concrete blocks. I don't know if you would be allowed to reuse the footings and just pour a new pad on top, not sure you would want to even if you could.

    There is a benefit to following the blueprints, no reengineering required. I would suggest that you do that. What works for me is different because I have exceeded what was originally done, and it was done by the blueprints. It just wasn't done well and I don't think the original plans were really sufficient.
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