The distance from my house to the rim joist will be about 6'. Do you suppose I can run 2x6 joists from ledger to rim joist (perpendicular to house) at 8' intervals, and then put 2x6x8' blocking (parallel to house) between those 2x6 joists? I'm just trying to simplify the construction with those 8' long blocking pieces. I guess I could put my joists at 6' spacing and then use 6' blocking (a 12' cut in half).

I'll have a double 2x8 or 2x10 at the rim joists. My plans show a 2x8, but my spans from concrete pier to pier are 8.2 to 10 feet, so maybe a 2x10 would be better.

I'm still struggling with how best to lift and support the roof. Maybe I can do this one side at a time (north, east, south).

Is there some rule of thumb that says to use a width of board in inches the same as it's span? In other words, use a 2x6 for 6' span, a 2x8 for 8' span, a 2x10 for 10' span and so on? Is there any truth in that?