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    Default Do I really need a whole new shower? My contractor says so..

    Hey Everybody,

    Our shower leaks into our crawl space. It does have a crack in the grout but the contractor said that if it is leaking into the crawl space the shower pan is bad. 'A shower pan should never leak.' So I need to have a new shower pan made and re-tile the entire shower floor. Please tell me if this is necessarily true. Our bath is really outdated and I'd like to redo everything once we have enough money.


    Kristy in Charleston

    Thanks A. Spruce! I have a tiled shower floor & walls. So does that mean I can't just re-grout the crack, replace the subfloor from underneath & save my shower? I have no idea what a 'shower pan' consists of. I think it would be a year before I'd like to tackle the job..since I'd really like to relocate the shower to make it bigger and combine 2 vanities into one. The bad part is that the tiles outside my shower creak now a bit every time we step on them..the subfloor is going to need to be replaced soon. Thanks for all advice!
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