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    Default Cobwebs and moisture in old house basement.

    I live in a house that was moved from original location and put on a new foundation. My problem is the basement gets very humid and there are tons of cobwebs all over the place. The house itself is over 180 years old, there is no ventilation flow unless I open the basement windows or door. I live in Maine and during the winter it doesn't get as humid.

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    Default Re: Cobwebs and moisture in old house basement.

    First deal with the moisture. You need vents, draft, anything to circulate in that space. Try a small fan untill you find a more permanent solution.

    The spiders is another issue. If you see black widows - don't go there. Tell them adios by fumigation. In the meantime at least they kill other bugs.

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    Default Re: Cobwebs and moisture in old house basement.


    We moved into a house that was overrun with spiders AND ants. It's been 8 months and they're getting to be less & less. Of course, it might have something to do with it getting colder. For the moisture you might wanna try a high end dehumidifier. The Depot has them for about $300... we got one for our basement and it has REALLY helped. It was so humid in our basement the pipes were sweating. Since we got the dehumidifier it's all stopped. Good luck!

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