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    Default Re: Need recommendations for fast growing privacy trees/hedges


    You have every right to increase your privacy or improve the appearance of your property by putting up property line trees, or, for example, a 6' fence of wood or white vinyl; but where trees or evergreens are concerned, it pays to be careful & get some free advice from one or two local landscaping contractors, who will come over free of charge & give you several suggestions that are in line with your needs.

    I say it pays to be careful, because trees/evergreens have a habit of growing & growing without the homeowner even realizing it as the years fly by-----this can cause problems with constant maintenance (someone has to regularly trim the trees), & most trees/evergreens look out of place on a residential property if they exceed 6' ; another real problem can be caused by the ever-expanding root system of live trees----any nearby sewer/septic system lines can be invaded by the root systems that constantly look for moisture, involving an expensive repair, & often a cutting down of the trees in that area.

    The goal, then, is three-fold----increase your privacy, and improve the appearance of the property, but select those trees that grow slowly & have a "programmed height" that they reach that will not exceed 6' or so-----this is not easy, many evergreens that are sold by unknowledgeable clerks at HD/Lowe's are programmed to grow 30' or more---so it is imperative to buy trees that indicate on the attached tag their maximum growth (which is most cases should be no more than 6')---also take into consideration recommended trees for your geographical area/climate, & the amount of sun/water that the trees require.

    Aside from HD/Lowe's, also check out local tree nurseries (Yellow Pages)---they have slow-growing trees/evergreens, like arborvitae, that are already 5' to 6' that won't grow any higher----this gets rid of the big pain in the neck of having to go out weekly to trim the trees, or even worse, having to pay a landscaper to do so.
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