We bought the house this past November (2011) from the original owner. She and her husband built the house in '54 and he died in the early 70's and there hasn't been anything done to the house since. The yard is overgrown in places and extremely wild. We'd like to clean up the yard and make it semi-maintenance-free. Plus the wild overgrowth, we have a beautiful 60 year old oak tree in the front yard that provides shade in the summer, but the roots are pushing on the foundation of the house. The wall in the basement has started to bow in and we're not really sure what do to about it. We don't want to lose the shade of the tree so we don't want to cut it down,but obviously we need to do something SOON. We'd like to plant grass in the front of the house, but not sure if we should do sod or seed and what kind? Since it's a high shade area and the tree drops a TON of acorns on the lot. We'd love to hear suggestions of any kind!
I'd post pics but my post count isn't high enough.... sorry.