Good Morning,

I wish I could say the saga is ended and the wall in my new bath sealed but alas it's not.

We did make some interesting progress though. After installing the original arm that came with it (American Standard) and it leaked. AS sending a new arm and it leaked. They both leaked at the threads.

He went to the plumbing supply (we don't have a hardware store, per se') and got just a standard 'off the shelf' arm and installed it yesterday, just to experiment. Voila'....NO LEAKS!

Of course, it doesn't match my shower 'stuff' (bronze) so it can't be the answer. So we're now wondering what is the problem? And solution? Another AS arm? Could two be off?

Could it have something to do with tapering? As I said before the AS arm when put in, only turns by hand to 9 o'clock and really required some force, as you can tell to get it to 6. And yes you can tell our exasperation by that time to resort to vice gripe marks on the arm but that part is behind the shower wall.

And by the way, I didn't recieve any notification in my email even though I had it marked or I would have been back in yesterday, before everyone went back to work today

Thank you again for all your suggestions.