We just put in a 6' molded shower stall, with American Standard fixtures. My husband left the end wall open until we had taken several showers to see if there were any leaks.

Sure enough, a leak at the threads behind the wall. He couldn't get it to stop. He called AS and they sent a new arm.

Would you believe we still have the same problem?? Although he has installed fixtures before he has decided it must be something he is doing or not doing.

I'm attaching a pic pointing out where the leak is/was in both and how much of the arm is behind the wall (you can see the marks on the arm where he had to put vise grips on it. It stops at 9 o'clock by hand. Which means it's pointed up.

It's not a big leak, just drops. Using hot or cold or warm water.

Would someone be so kind as to look at this pic and throw some advice/ideas/suggestions his way. He is ready to pull what hair he has left, out.

My thanks.......j
Hmmm....it seems as a newcomer, I'm not allowed to post images. I hope I explained the problem well enough.