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    Default Bi-Fold Doors

    I took down an existing door in my bathroom and want to install a bi-fold door. Can I use the existing door jamb or do I have to install a new one without the board in the middle?

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    It depends on the dimentions of the opening and the door.

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    DJ1 is correct, it will depend on the width of the opening, both with and without the door stop (the trim in the center line of the jamb ).

    If you can't find a bifold to work in the existing opening, it may be possible to use a accordion door instead. They're a bet cheesy looking, but if space for a normal door to swing open is at issue, the accordion door will work nicely.
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    the only thing that you need for a bifold is the opening needs to be 1" shorter than a conventional door and about 3/8" narrower
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