I am renovating my master bath and will be putting in a walk-in shower. I would really like to put in 2 shower heads and possibly some body spray jets. From what I have found, the kits that companies like Kohler and Delta sell that are complete with a mixer, body spray jets and what I think they call a diverter to turn the body jets on and off are VERY pricey, like into the thousands. I was hoping to keep this part of the remodel much lower in cost, I would rather "blow the budget" on some really nice tile or whatever else. Now, I know I could just buy TWO regular shower faucet kits for under $200 each and have two heads, but that would seem cheesy to have to turn on two separate mixers to get both heads going. I also have read that I would want to have a "non-water saving" mixer to be able to supply enough water for multiple heads. I have looked all over the internet for this stuff and can't find it. Could anyone give me some direction on where to look for these pieces?