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    Default Repair drywall; Thermostat

    Our house is about 34 years old, and was built with radiant baseboard heaters. This summer we had a heat pump and whole-house air and heat put in. Taking out the old heaters is no problem (they are already disconnected).
    However - when I take the thermostats off the wall, I will have an empty metal fixture box in the drywall. How do you remove or cover this, without replacing a large section of wall ??
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    Default Re: Repair drywall; Thermostat

    You either just put a blank cover over the switch box or you remove it and patch the hole.

    To patch the hole you remove the box, screw a stick across the opening to support the patch, cut your patch, then tape, mud, texture, and paint to match the surrounding area. There is no need to cut larger holes to make the patch.
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    Default Re: Repair drywall; Thermostat

    One thing to note is that you want to make sure you aren't burying a junction box with wires behind drywall. If the wiring has been removed and you just have an empty box you can patch the wall per A.Spruce's instructions. Otherwise I'd reccomend putting a blanking plate up until you can have the wires taken care of.

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