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    Question Radiant Heat on Uneven Floors

    Any specs I find for hydronic radiant floor heat systems say that it can only be used on level floors. Is this really true?

    If that is true... How can radiant floor systems be installed in old houses? Don't they make hydronic radiant wall panels? Doesn't the heated water circulate through the system by temperature differential and not by gravity?

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    Default Re: Radiant Heat on Uneven Floors

    The heated water is circulated through the system by a small pump, commonly called a circulator; and yes, radiant heat doesn't need level floors for this reason.

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    Default Re: Radiant Heat on Uneven Floors

    There is a company Pex Supply I would suggest you contact them at and chat with a representative. I'm sure they will be able to answer your questions and address your concerns. Good luck on your project and please post back.

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