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    Cool Ribbon Driveway - Pros & Cons - Dos & Don'ts

    I have a Italianate style Victorian home with a 4,200 sq. ft driveway with a slope and a parking landing for approx. 6 cars. I am pulling up the old asphalt driveway and am considering doing a ribbon driveway on the incline path from the street to the landing area in front of the garages.
    I like the look but need advice. What is the best street to driveway transition material? I cannot afford pavers, but love the look. I like my old asphalt because of the dark color, which absorbs the heat and melts the snow more quickly, but don't know if a combination asphalt and grass ribbon combination will be successful. I've only seen pictures of ribbon driveways with concrete or gravel/pea stone. Can I line the asphalt with a steel edging to hold it together or will be top soil do that?
    Any other ideas, concerns, etc. appreciated

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    Default Re: Ribbon Driveway - Pros & Cons - Dos & Don'ts

    You can use metal edging for the asphalt.

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