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    Default Help, should i buy

    OK anyone that is out there, I need advice and fast. I am sending my question out into the community because I seem to have the ability to really make some stupid mistakes, e.g. the guys that did my roof put the wood down wrong so the over hangs dont match, and covered over the vent for the heater, then they were gone. I had the dangerous part repaired like the vent but the wood overhang is going the wrong way.

    After the floor guy completed repairing and refinishing the wood floors told me" just don't stand in this spot" Great, then he was tossed into jail. The floors still are not done but then do I want him back, no, but the baseboards I paid for I would love.

    I have bad decision making skills, obviously. So on to the question..kinda. I live in an old craftsman cottage in an area that was just deemed historic all of the windows have been changed out to vinyl or aluminum, I would love to change them back to wood sash; I Love that watery glass, but one contractor told me one window could cost me 1500. alone, the fact is unless I win the publishers clearing house sweepstakes that will never happen. I was driving around yesterday and saw a house being turned, and they removed all of the old windows, score I thought, but now I am being told it would cost even more to have those redone and installed. The guy only wanted 300 for the lot including two int doors. I don't know that they are exactly the right size but they were close, unfortunately I have made so many bad decisions I am fearful of making another, and since I was recently laid off that 300 could be a good decision or a REALLY BAD ONE... help please with any advice.

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