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    Default Hydraulic Cement Falling Out

    1920s home that probably has a stone foundation. The interior is parged with cement. A few months ago I removed all of the loose paint, used bleach to clean mineral deposits, rinsed with clean water, did a hydraulic cement patch, and applied drylok after a week of drying+curing. Now I have 2 issues:

    1. The mineral deposits are back and have leeched through the drylok. No idea what I did wrong. I thought it would have held back the moisture and maybe peeled off a little. I think someone recommended bleach here or another forum so i don't know if that was the issue.

    2. The hydraulic cement is peeling away from the hole. I understand you usually want to inset a patch like this but I have no way of doing this unless I remove a substantial chunk of the wall. The hole I am trying to patch is about 10 inches in diameter. Think of the shape of a crater on the moon.

    Overall I know moisture comes from outside but it's all concrete so I don't really want to dig everything up to waterproof outside.
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