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    Default Void filling project

    Hello,I am looking for suggestion in filling voids made by woodchucks.Specifically,a tunnel that is level open at both ends and under a concrete driveway just outside the garage door.I have considered buying a manual grout pump and bags of grout,I contacted a builder who advised mixing grout like milk for consistency and simply pouring it in one end-no need for pump.Another advised a trash pump.My main concern is filling it totally and not undermining the strength of the concrete above.I have been reading about Flowable fill and CLSM,but it appears I have to get this from a concrete ready-mix co.
    are there any places to buy flowable fill by the bag,and mix with water? Thank you for any help you can offer!

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    Default Re: Void filling project

    An effective fill is what they refer to as 'slush' - a light concrete product pumped into the holes. Call concrete contractors for prices.

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    Default Re: Void filling project

    The slush sound like a good idea. Once the slush sets that might make your driveway stronger. Woodchucks gone and a stronger driveway. WIN, WIN.

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